Jayne Torvill crying on Piers Morgan's Life StoriesHe’s known for making his guests cry and Piers Morgan has done it again, as ice skating legend Jayne Torvill breaks down in tonight’s episode of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories.

Jayne, 55, got upset talking about her IVF struggles in public for the first time.

‘As a couple skating together it’s easy for the guy to go off and start a family because it wouldn’t affect his skating,’ Jayne says about her ice partner Christopher Dean, who has two sons, Sam, 12, and Jack, 14.

‘Whereas for me it would have stopped what we were doing. So I left it quite late. And I was into my forties by then.’ Jayne suffered from an ectopic pregnancy before turning to IVF. ‘That, as a lot of women know, is traumatic in itself,’ she says.

Jayne, married to Phil Christensen for 23 years, now has two adopted children, Kieran, ten, and Jessica, six.

The ice duo are also set to reveal that contrary to what they’ve said previously, there was once a spark of romance between them. Ooh er!

Watch Torvill and Dean on tonight’s Life Stories on ITV at 9pm.

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