Jane McDonald's celebrity beauty secretsJane McDonald, Loose Women panellist and singer, tells Woman’s Own about her favourite beauty products.

– I’ve always had breakouts, mainly because of the stress of my job as well as all the make up I wear on stage and TV. And of course, the erratic diet when I’m working doesn’t help. It’s always been very difficult to keep my skin right, but now I know what works for me.

– I switch between Dermalogica and Elemis skin care now. I think it’s healthy to alternate.

–  I take care with my skincare routine. It takes me half an hour before bed every single night. You will never ever see me that drunk that I can’t take it all off and put everything on. I use an Elemis night cream that’s intensely moisturising.

Bare Minerals is the best make up for me. It’s completely transformed my skin. I used to wear a lot of foundation all the time and I’ve never looked back. It’s completely cleared my face up and really taken years off me.

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