David Beckham due to star in films?With his Golden Boy looks and a smile that melts hearts all over the world, David Beckham has long been something of a Billboard idol.

Now it looks as if he could be a star of the silver screen, too.

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has tipped the ex-footie legend to make it big in movies, and compared him to basketball star Michael Jordan, who starred in Space Jam on a break from the sport.

Harvey said: ‘David can be anything he wants, including becoming a movie star. I’ve known about David for many, many years, way before he joined the [Los Angeles Galaxy Soccer Team]. He’s the son of Michael Jordan! I have only met David a few times but each time I find his talents more and more impressive. I am a real fan. I think he could do anything he wants in TV or film.’

Wow, strong praise indeed!

The news comes after it was reported that Tom Cruise is said to be helping David, 38, realise his movie ambitions and Weinstein’s comments show that Goldenballs, who retired from football last month, has the right connections in Hollywood.

What remains to be decided is the movie role David could play. We think James Bond – with a scene emerging from the water in nothing but trunks – would be just perfect.