We've got the chills!

ITV drama Victoria made it’s debut last Sunday, raking in an impressive 6.1 million viewers at it’s peak. And while the tale of Britain’s former longest reigning monarch certainly had enough intrigue to keep viewer’s glued to their screens, they’re bound to gasp when they hear about the spooky goings on off-set.

jenna coleman

Visiting Kensington Palace for an interview, Victoria actress Jenna Coleman couldn’t help but get an eerie feeling. Speaking to Nick Grimshaw on his Radio 1 morning show, she said:

“I had a funny interview at Kensington Palace when I came over with a hot turn.”

A blast from the past?

jenna coleman

But just what was it that made Jenna feel less than at ease at the official London residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge? Well it was none other than the late Queen Victoria herself. As Jenna went on to explain:

“I think it might have been Queen Victoria’s ghost saying, ‘Stop talking about me in the fist person’.”

That’s a guest appearance that would be hard to explain! The actress went on to reveal that playing the part of late queen also seems to have given her a regal air.

“People bow to you but then you go to the pub with your mum and your Gran and they knock some sense into you.”

But while Jenna may tick the boxes for royalty in our eyes, viewers of the show have questioned whether she was too pretty to play the part. Luckily she was ready with this brilliant response:

“I want to say, ‘Google young Victoria’. Portraits are subjective, the eye of the beholder perhaps. But you want people to look a bit further than that,” she insisted. “In some portraits she looks very young and exuberant and others are not as flattering. When she gets older they perhaps become less flattering.”

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