For many households across the UK, I’m a Celebrity marks the start of the festive season as families gather together to watch stars face their fears.


We watch in amusement as the contestants gobble bugs, share personal space with snakes and attempt in vain to ignore their growling bellies.

Here are some fascinating facts that you may not have known about jungle camp.

  1. Medic Bob – everyone’s favourite health and safety specialist –  confirms that the reason the stars wear red socks is to stop the blood from insect bites showing up!
  2. The rocks dotted around the camp are actually hollow and made from papier mache!
  3. The Australian funnel web – one of the world’s most deadly spiders – is removed from the exact area that the contestants sleep! Just one bite from these critters can kill a human… ouch!


  1. If the thought of creepy crawlies makes you squeamish, look away now. For each series of the show the following are bred on average:

    250,000 cockroaches, 153,000 crickets, 2.5 million meal worms, 400 spiders, 500 rats and 30 snakes!

  2. Almost immediately after the British crew have finished filming, the German team arrive. They have their own successful version of the show called Ich Bin Ein Star – Holt Mich Hier Raus!
  1. According to an article written by Cherie Blair’s sister, Lauren Booth, THAT waterfall – famous for sexy shower pics – is turned off between three and six every afternoon. It’s good to know the planet comes first!


  1. There are 14 species of snake in the celebrity jungle. Yet only seven are deadly.
  2. While the contestants may get the occasional nap on their regulation hammocks, Medic Bob works 7 days a week for 7 weeks!
  1. Staff trial the Bush Tucker Trials before the celebrities do – adding to the number of medical issues…lucky them!
  2. It takes a whole lot of prep to turn Ant and Dec from sleepy to screen ready. The dynamic duo arrive on site at about 2.30am every morning (Australian time). While the boys kick things off with any voice-over work required, they also squeeze in time for hair and make-up. Finally, they head to the studio at 7am ready for the live show! Probably with a strong cup of coffee in hand we imagine!

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