It was a death that shocked the world and left almost everyone grieving, when Princess Diana was killed in a car accident in 1997.

But it was of course her family who suffered the loss the most.

In a recent Channel 5 documentary, new details have come out about the days following the tragic accident in Paris. And it’s revealed some pretty shocking things about how the royal family were rumoured to have handled the news of her death…

In, Diana: The 7 Days That Shook The Windsors, royal biographers spilled the details of the day she died. And it seems like her young sons were heartbreakingly kept in the dark about the complete truth of her death, as the older members of the family insisted they carry on as normal.

The Princess’ biographer Tina Brown explained how Charles and the Queen were insistent on keeping everything as normal as possible for William and Harry after they learned of their beloved mother’s death, by going to church at Balmoral following the breaking of the devastating news. Apparently, they were keen to “do as they had always done” – and so went to church that morning at Crathie Kirk, as they always did on a Sunday.

The boys’ reaction..

But it seems the decision only left the young boys more confused. She explained, “Prince Harry actually asked his father, ‘Is it true that Mummy’s dead?’

“The children couldn’t understand why everything was as normal, except a couple of hours earlier they’d been told their mother had died.”

And even more strangely, during the morning Church service, the boys were left concerned given that no mention was made of Diana at all.

Another royal biographer speaking on the programme, Ingrid Seward, said “The first thing we saw of the boys was when they were going to church for Sunday service.

“And people were saying, ‘How could they? These boys have just lost their mother.'”

Earlier on on the tragic day, the family also let Prince William and Prince Harry to sleep in, not wanting to wake them with the news. The Queen also made sure to ban all TV’s and radios from Balmoral in a bid to protect the young boys from reports and commentary on the awful news.

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According to a source who was there at the time, the Queen also reacted pretty oddly after being told of the news. Reportedly, her first words after being told were “Someone must have greased the brakes”

Seward noted that “That astonishing remark reveals something of the extraordinary and complex relationship between her and Diana.”

Prince William and Prince Harry were  reportedly also unhappy about the way the funeral was arranged, only agreeing to walk behind their mother’s coffin at the eleventh hour after some convincing from Charles.