How did Prince Harry meet Meghan? What is she really like in person? Here are 7 things you didn’t know about Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle (and a potential Princess in the making!)

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1.Meghan is not actually Miss Markle’s real name! Her given name is Rachel and her middle name is actually Meghan, however the star chose to be known as ‘Meghan Markle’. We wonder is Harry calls her by her real name, or chooses the nickname those close to her use, which is Meg?

2. Just like her new pal the Duchess of Cambridge, Meghan loves to enjoy a glass of wine (or two!) She describes wine as one of her greatest weaknesses.

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3. She’s a talented calligrapher! Before she made it big on US TV drama ‘Suits’, she paid her bills by designing and writing wedding invitations. She was pretty good, as she has revealed she did, “tons of celebrity correspondence” and was even commissioned to do A-list wedding invites!

4. She is a UN advocate for women’s political participation. She says her role working for the UN is something she is most proud of. You can watch one of her inspiring speeches here:

5. She is a self-confessed foodie and she LOVES to cook. Her ideal night-in includes having, “some nice wine” and cooking, “a nice meal”. That bodes well for Prince Harry when the pair spend evenings together in private at Kensington Palace!

6. She’s a huge lover of dogs. She has two pups of her own. She says her dog Bogart has, “the best life ever”.

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7. This US actress isn’t afraid of an indulgent treat. She loves pizza, and her favourite topping is chilli peppers!

8. Prince Harry met Meghan while he was hosting the Invictus Games in Toronto during the summer of 2016. US actress Meghan lives and works in the Canadian city whilst she is filming hit American drama ‘Suits’.

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