One of our favourite high street stores, John Lewis, has kicked off a brand new advertising campaign with a Damian Lewis lookalike.

Rugged and manly, 32-year-old ex-carpenter from Milton Keynes, Johnny Harrington’s  full beard and long hair (tied back in the ad campaign) is a far cry from the usual models John Lewis choose to model their menswear range.

While his appearance has caused controversy with traditional John Lewis shoppers, he doesn’t know what all the fuss is about, responding to his Twitter followers, who say he ‘looks like a tramp’, by saying,  ‘Ironically, if I had a penny for every time someone called me a tramp I could probably buy a house.

So he’s funny and good-looking then!


When you look at his photo, do you want to…

A. Give him a hot bath and a warm meal?

B. Race to John Lewis to buy your other half a sensible cardi?

C. Stroke his beard while showing off his chiselled good looks to all your friends?

Take your pick! In any case, Mr Harrington has caused quite a (heart-fluttering) stir in the Woman’s Own office today!