Who remembers Holly Willoughby welly wanging with TV host Ben Shephard on This Morning last year?

holly willoughby welly wanging

Well, it seems Holly remembers it fondly as she reminisced about the episode on yesterday’s show.

However, as she spoke about welly wanging with Ben, the blonde beauty made her latest, and most X-rated, epic on-air gaffe yet! (Can you see where this is going yet?) 

Take a look at what happened here…

The slight slip-up in Holly’s response left co-host Ben in stitches. As the TV crew howled with laughter around her, Holly covered her face before regaining her composure and carrying on with the show!

Far from turning us off, Holly’s hilarious gaffes make us love her more! What do you think? Let us know by joining the conversation on our Facebook page!


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