Holly Willoughby may be one of the most well-known faces in the UK thanks to her daily appearances on TV, presenting This Morning with Phillip Schofield, but how much do you really know about this bubbly beauty?

Here are some fun facts and things you never knew about Holly Willoughby, and nine new reasons to love the gorgeous and funny mother-of-three!


You may have seen Holly and Phil presenting ‘This Morning’ live on TV, still in their red carpet outfits from the National Television Awards the night before. However, that’s not the first time (and we’re sure not the last) that Holly has turned up for work after a big night out with no sleep! “There were times when we went straight from the hotel bar to going live on air at 6am,” she told Digital Spy. “It doesn’t help when you read the script and find you’ve got to drink anchovies in custard with some 8-year-old. That day I was sick live on TV.”


Fatal attraction

When Holly first met her husband Dan Baldwin, she wasn’t attracted to him! Talking about when they first met on the set of Saturday Showdown, the TV presenter told Woman & Home, “At first, I didn’t fancy Dan at all – I didn’t even think about it”


Rodeo romance

Before Holly met and fell in love with Dan, her worst date ever was with a guy who was a cowboy for a living! She told the Daily Mail, “It was my worst date as I’d met him on a plane when he was wearing normal clothes and looked gorgeous. There was no sign of a cowboy connection and I was very excited about seeing him again. When we met later at a restaurant he was wearing all the gear. I thought about turning round and doing a runner but I have good manners. I couldn’t go out with a cowboy because I don’t own any cowgirl outfits. At least he didn’t have the horse tied up outside.” Yeeha!

Her bank balance

The presenter is estimated to be worth a staggering £10m and experts have predicted that her interior design venture with Dragons Den business mogul, Peter Jones’ partner, Tara Capp could double this figure!

Speaking to FEMAIL, brand expert Phil Pallen has argued that the venture could earn the mum-of-three an extra £10m!

Stage fright

Her career began when she was scouted, aged 14, by a modelling agency. She never thought she would become a television presenter because she was scared of public speaking! “I was first spotted for a modeling career and there’s no talking involved in that – the thought of doing any sort of public speaking at that time would have terrified me! So that was something I sort of had to learn” she told Cosmo.


Signature dish

She can cook an amazing roast dinner, and loves hosting friends and relatives at her house! “I love cooking and having people over and it means you don’t have to get a babysitter” Holly told Cosmo, “To be honest if given the choice, I’d rather everyone come to us.”



Did you know that Holly has been a magician’s assistant on many notable occasions? One of Holly’s first jobs on television was presenting ‘Ministry of Mayhem’ with Stephen Mulhern (later Holly and Stephen’s Saturday Showdown). She often acted as magician Stephen’s special guest assistant for various illusions, and her favourite was when he ‘sawed’ her in half!


Back to the books

Holly said if she wasn’t a TV presenter then she would have been a psychotherapist.

Guilty as charged!

Holly is a big fan of John Nettles and aspires to one day appear in a TV thriller! “I would really love to have a part in a murder mystery like Midsomer Murders,” she revealed.

Growing pains

She may be one of the most desired women on TV, but Holly wasn’t always the well-turned out, groomed and gorgeous lady she is today! As a teenager, Holly had to wear a head brace and at one point had both of her legs in plaster for a time because she had short tendons.


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