Holly Willoughby fans were outraged over who she went to lunch with... What do you think about her lunch date?


Who knew a smiley snap from Holly Willoughby’s lunch date could cause such outrage?

Holly Willoughby has a huge following and is loved for her silly antics with Phillip Schofield while presenting ITV’s This Morning.

holly willoughby, phillip schofield

However, Holly’s Instagram account was flooded with criticism after she posted a selfie with none other than..Piers Morgan! She thanked the controversial presenter for a “wonderful lunch” and said she had a “lovely afternoon”.

Lovely afternoon with @thepiersmorgan … Thank you for a wonderful lunch xxx

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Holly was snapped leaving Scott’s, a fish and seafood restaurant, yesterday afternoon which is presumably where she dined with the Good Morning Britain presenter.

Holly’s fans were tormented by the idea that she was friends with Piers. One fan on Twitter even suggested she was going to “the dark side”, sparking rumours that Holly might be set to appear on his show, Piers Morgan Life Stories. 

And another said: “Wtf holly you’re better than that”

A tirade of commentary unfolded in the comments section of the photo. One fan wrote “How disappointing” while another added “Congrats on being mates with someone who has spent the last few weeks undermining & mocking men with mental health issues”.

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The Instagram post now has over 20 thousand comments and the criticism just keeps coming…

Some of Holly’s fans were more understanding and some of Pier’s supporters also pitched in.

One fan said: “When did everyone become so perfect and judgemental?! I’m pretty sure each and everyone of us is entitled to an opinion & can to go to lunch with whoever they wish.”

Another added: “You don’t always have to share the same views in order to have a friendship!? @hollywilloughby it takes a lot for a person to still stand by and remain friends with someone who is disliked by so many. Respect.”

Some fans also suggested people had too much time on their hands and posted: “OMG some of you people need to get a life!”

And it seems as though Piers noticed all the commotion as he commented on the post with: “Delightful fun, Ms Willoughby. Though not quite as much as reading the thrilled reaction from your fans…😂😂😂“.

Holly replied: “I know!!! 😳“.

The presenters lunch date came hours after Piers made yet more controversial comments during Good Morning Britain. This time it was his views on gender and race identity which caused outrage, but in the past he’s also been called out as ‘sexist’ and ‘chauvinistic.’

Do you think the backlash is fair, or can Holly go to lunch with who she wants?