Holly Willoughby and Jodie Marsh were never destined to be the best-of-friends, but it seems like they won’t even be able to be friendly acquaintances now either.

The pair came to blows over the weekend over social media after Jodie made a sly dig at the TV presenter on Instagram, and then went on to accuse Holly of caring too much about, “her public image”.


The feud between Holly Willoughby and Jodie Marsh began in June when Jodie was interviewed on ‘This Morning’ about her search for an anonymous sperm donor to make her baby dreams come true.

holly willoughby and jodie marsh

However the interview itself was over shadowed by the fact that Jodie had dark lipstick smeared on her teeth, leading the the former model to accuse Holly, 35, of breaking ‘girl code’ by not pointing it out to her so she could quickly rub it off.


Over the weekend, Jodie alluded to this incident with the following post to her Instagram account:

12b360b8579e167c8d669f3eb62f5d19Clearly feeling like she was being attacked, Holly then responded by posting a video to her own Instagram account, showing her telling Jodie about the lipstick after all! #awkward indeed.

Unable to drop the subject, Jodie Marsh then tweeted mum-of-three Holly claiming that she wasn’t told about the lipstick until after the interview was over and they were no longer live on TV, “That’s all well and good but telling me AFTER the interview was completely finished @hollywills didn’t help in any way really did it” Jodie blasted.

Jodie then went on to accuse Holly of, “obviously feeling worried about her public image”!


Ouch! Can’t we all just forgive and forget now guys?