Holly WIlloughbyJust when we thought Holly Willoughby could do no wrong, the presenter has admitted she has a ‘lazy streak’ – and needs Jessie J to whip her into shape! 

When asked which of The Voice judges she’d like to coach her, Holly, 32, stuck with the sisterhood and went with Jessie, 25.

‘I think I’d go with Jessie because as hard as I do work, I think I’m quite lazy,’ she said.

Considering she’s reportedly worth £10m, we find it hard to believe.

And she reckons Jessie could bring out her inner diva.

‘If I think I can wing it a bit, I probably will, so I think I’d need her just to make me properly prepared. Also, I can’t sing at all and she might have the best chance to try and squeeze a note out of me. That’s how she wins around a lot of the singers!’

Holly singing? Now that we’d love to see!

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