Helen Flanagan caught shop liftingHelen Flanagan has admitted that she was once banned from Boots after accidentally stealing £200 worth of products.

The former Coronation Street actress has confessed that she walked out of the high street chain carrying a basket full of cosmetics because she was feeling ‘hot and flustered’.

Helen, 22, revealed: I nearly got arrested in Boots. It was basically a daydream. I was feeling hot and flustered. I walked out of the shop, I had enough. Security said, ‘Excuse me’. I looked down and there was about £200 worth in my basket.’

The actress, who was recently named the UK’s sexiest woman, also added: ‘I said, “Oh God, I am so sorry. I would not do this kind of thing”. The security woman says, “Right, I’m going to have to ring the police”. I said, “You are joking?” I told her it was an honest mistake and she was like, “That’s what they all say’”.’

Thankfully for Helen she managed to escape any run-ins with the law however she was banned from the store for five years.