Reality star and mum-of-two Jade Goody tragically lost her battle with cervical cancer in 2009.

jade goody legacy

But despite it being eight years since her untimely death, it seems that Katie Price is one celeb that has failed to learn from the mum-of-two’s amazing legacy. Appearing on Loose Women with Jade’s former partner Jeff Brazier, the pair discussed the importance of the HPV vaccine with Dr Christian Jessen.

 jade goody legacy

When the mum-of-five asked whether Jade would still be alive if she had had it both Dr and dad nodded in agreement.

It’s at this point that the 38-year-old made a shock confession. She said the discussion had acted as a “reminder” that she needed to get a smear test, after having been told she has abnormal cells three years ago.

She explained:

“When I had Bunny, I had a smear and they said, ‘You’ve got abnormal cells, you don’t need to worry about it now, but you’ve got to have more regular checks.

“Thinking about it, Bunny is three in August, so maybe this is a reminder to go and get one.”

jade goody legacy

Last year Katie also shocked her fellow panellists when she revealed she only had her first smear test at 38 – women can currently get the test from the age of 25. Speaking at the time she said:

“Talking of smears I think it is quite important, I never had a smear up until this year.

“I always presumed that, you know when you get letters through the post, I just always threw them away…

 “I thought from the age of 23, I have been pregnant, and I thought when you’re pregnant they automatically do smears and check you. It’s only until last year that I realised that isn’t true.”
But reflecting on her mistake, she offered these words of advice, saying:
“But I’d advise anyone out there don’t be stupid like me and just think doctors check everything because they don’t.”

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Jade Goody’s legacy – the battle

After her cancer diagnosis Jade revealed that she had cervical smear tests throughout her life, a few of which had revealed abnormal cells. But it was the test taken after having her sons that proved to be a pivotal. Speaking to Now at the time, she said:
“When I was 18, I had another smear and the same thing happened. They burnt the cells off again. Then I had another smear after I had Bobby and Freddy and there were abnormal cells again.
“But the doctors said they didn’t want to burn any more of the cervix off because it gets too short. They said I was OK, though.”
But things weren’t OK. And after experiencing a range of shock symptoms including blood clots, and abdominal pain – as well as receiving treatment for a abnormal cells following another smear test at the hospital – she answered this devastating call while in the Big Brother house.
“They said they thought it could be a hoax, so I thought it might be a journalist. I asked the doctor what hospital I was born in. When he answered right, I thought: ‘Oh my God, it’s real’,” she said.
“They put me on loudspeaker and he said they’d looked at the biopsy again and discovered it was quite serious.
“And I needed to get home now.
“I was still being cynical, thinking: ‘Is this really my doctor?’ Then he said: ‘Jade, you’ve got cancer’.”
For more information and support on Cervical cancer visit the MacMillan Cancer website.