Is the star ready for the demands of the CBB house?

Despite it being just three days since she entered the Celebrity Big Brother house Coleen Nolan already has fans and friends worried about the her ability to cope under the pressures of a reality TV show.

And now Shane Richie junior has expressed his concerns about his mother’s troubled marriage to hubby Ray Fensome. Appearing via videolink on Thursday’s Loose Women the 28-year-old told the panellists:

“It’s never nice seeing a parent cry, especially my mum. She’s like my best friend, it’s heartbreaking.

“I’ve seen her cry no more than five times… I think she hates crying in front of her children. She’s never done it in all the break ups, and arguments with Ray. At the minute it doesn’t look great does it.”

Shane – who has recently moved back in with the couple – admitted he heads to his girlfriend’s house when he needs to escape arguments between the pair. But despite the turmoil he praised Ray for being ‘a great friend and stepdad’.

And in a move that will surely be boost to the 51-year-old, Shane revealed that he was changing his name to Nolan in time for his mum’s exit from the CBB house.

Coleen’s CBB stint

The Loose Women panellist’s stint on the show comes as the former singer admits that her 9-year marriage may be in trouble. Most notably she walked through the CBB doors WITHOUT her wedding ring on.

coleen nolan

Fellow Loose Women star Ruth Langsford noted that Coleen looked ‘nervous’ when speaking to CBB host Emma Willis prior to entering the CBB house. Continuing she added:

“I hope she’s got someone in there to talk to or confide in because you don’t have any privacy, and I thought, “Is this the best thing for her to be doing?”

Loose Women’s Jane Moore also expressed her surprise at the Nolan sister’s decision to become a CBB contestant.

“I was quite surprised because leading up to Christmas she said her and Ray were having problems and they were trying to sort things out.

“I thought that she was quite vulnerable to go in somewhere like that.”

Wading in on the debate fellow former CBB housemate Nadia Sawalha revealed the she also received a tempting offer to join the All Stars, New Stars line up. Reflecting on her initial time in the house back in 2015, she ended by saying that another stint wouldn’t be worth the compromise to her life.

She shared:

“Even though it was the worst experience of my life, the money was ridiculous this time and I was tempted for a moment but it’s because of my husband and my kids (that I’m not).

“If I was a single woman I would have done it but I don’t like my kids watching me go through that. Honestly there is not a price (that would get me back in there).”

Coleen’s surprise confession

Coleen’s emotional state was recently revealed as she poured out her heart on Channel 5 Show In Therapy. In a pre-recorded interview she told therapist Mandy Saligari about her ‘elation’ as she unearthed ex-hubby Shane Ritchie’s affair after seven years together.

“He was so brilliant at convincing me I was wrong,” she revealed.

Continuing she added: “He would look me right in the eyes and convince me I was wrong,’ she said. ‘He made me feel paranoid.

“I remember that feeling of elation when I found out [he was having an affair]…”Yes! I knew it.”

Coleen has two sons with the EastEnders star and divorced him in 1997. Reflecting on how this experience may have impacted her current marriage she said:

“I don’t want it to fail again. I really love him but I always feel like I’m having a go at him. That’s horrible.

“We have a row and I walk out and it drives him mental. I don’t feel happy sometimes, and I have this thing in me.

“I can’t be bothered facing it and I can’t be bothered sorting this out.”

She also revealed her fears that Ray is no longer attracted to her. “I can’t bear the thought of someone staying with me if they’re not happy,” she said.

“I’ve never really felt good enough for someone. I know Ray doesn’t fancy me.”

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