Gok Wan

Style and confidence guru Gok Wan lives in London with his dog, Dolly. Here, he tells us about his new makeover show and how he spent the festive period…

Tell us about your new show…

It’ a fashion and love life makeover series that sets out to help some of Britain’s 15 million singletons to get dating. Each week, I meet one woman and give her a radical makeover of her dating wardrobe as well as being their personal stylist, flirting coach, wingman, agony uncle and matchmaker.

Was there a makeover that stood out for you?

In the first episode I meet a girl called Zoe who had never had a boyfriend. But after the show, she got herself one because of the style and dating tips I had given her. She was a really nice girl, very clever and bright but very misunderstood. She needed someone to show her another option of how to dress. She was alternative in her way of dressing but that didn’t mean her insecurities and emotions were any different from someone who works in an office.

What do you think is the show’s main appeal?

I think the series is full of heart. The stories are really nice. The women are incredible and it was fun to make. Hopefully people will like it.

For Christmas in 2011, you treated yourself to a Porsche. What did you buy yourself for Christmas 2012?

I haven’t actually bought it yet but I am looking at new houses in the Home Counties. I am going to get a country place for me and my dog Dolly. We are going to have a weekend place that we can bomb out to. It’s important that I find the right location so that it’s easy for mum and dad to get to because they still live in Leicester.

How are you getting on with the Porsche?

A lot of the time I don’t drive it. Instead I take a taxi around town because it means I can drink gin and tonics!

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?

Giving up smoking is my number one priority and trying to reduce the amount of work that I do and to spend more time with my friends. I am an absolute workaholic. In 2013 I don’t want to work as hard but that probably won’t happen knowing me!

Gok’s Style Secrets is on C4 tonight, Wednesday 2 January, at 8pm


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