Emma WillisCelebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side host and This Morning’s hub presenter Emma Willis, 36, lives in North London with her husband Matt Willis, 29, and their children Isabelle, three, and Ace, one.

Big Brother seems to be enjoying a bit of a revival on Channel 5. 

It ran for such a long time on Channel 4 and it wasn’t the right time for it anymore, so lots of people thought it had had its day and wouldn’t work on Channel 5. But there’s an audience for it, because there will always be diehard Big Brother fans. And Celebrity Big Brother works so well because everybody wants to see what celebrities are really like. There’s nothing better than being nosy, and being nosy about people you think you know is even better!

You’re such a huge fan of the show. Do you think it’s important to care about the shows you present?

Absolutely. I  think it’s quite rude if you work on a show and have never watched it and just turn up. I think viewers see through it in a second. I’m honoured that I’m doing CBBBOTS because I love it so much and they entrust me with it. I think there’s nothing worse than watching someone host a TV show when you know they don’t want to be there! It makes me nervous whenever I’ve had to do things that I’m not 100% about.

Could you ever take part in the show?

I don’t know. You have to be a very strong-minded, sane individual to do it, because it really messes up your head. I don’t want to ruin what’s on the pedestal by going in and finding out what it’s really like. But then if it were to go away and never come back, I’d want to have experienced it!

How are you enjoying working in the hub on This Morning?

It’s really good, I love being a part of that team. They’re all such nice people and it’s nice to get up in the morning and have a bit of social interaction with the people of Great Britain and find out their thoughts before going back to my kids.

Do you feel under pressure as a working mum?

I think it’s all about a happy balance. Matt and I are both freelancers so we’re not tied into a contract all the time or out of the house for all hours of the day. We’re lucky so that if we’re working at night, we have all day at home, and we try to not work at the same time.

What’s your beauty secret?

A good moisturiser. I use Lancome’s Hydra Zen (£38, Boots) and I just started using their new Genefique (£56, Boots) too. It’s not cheap, but it’s good.

Would you prefer to keep a good skincare routine than turn to cosmetic surgery?

I would like to have good skincare, but you never know what you’ll end up like. Never say never. And if it makes you feel better about yourself, do it. Don’t feel you should be ashamed to talk about it. If it makes you more confident, and you can afford it, then go and do it. I’m not saying I think young people should go and be crazy, but if, as you get older, you want a little tweak or nip and tuck, or your boobs are sagging, then make them pert again!

Celebrity Big Brother returns tonight at 9pm on Channel 5 for a two-hour live launch hosted by Brian Dowling.  This is followed by Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side at 11pm with Emma Willis.

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