Angela GriffinAngela, 36, lives with her husband Jason, 38, and their daughters Tallulah, eight, and Melissa, five, in London.

Why did you get involved with Fairy’s Make A Wish campaign?

I get to go and be a fairy godmother and grant wishes!  I wanted to get involved to help these families and help bring awareness to Make A Wish so people can get involved if they want to and support Make A Wish by going to the Facebook page, and then Fairy donate 50p for every like or share. It means that everyone can be involved.

Is it important for you to use your fame to help these causes?

Definitely. I think if you’ve got something you can give back, it’s irresponsible not to use it. But it’s something that I enjoy doing. It’s very easy to get lost in this world of showbiz and celebrity and filming and so on. But you’ve got to keep perspective of what’s going on and you’ve got to keep perspective.

You’ve previously said ‘period drama is good to watch but rubbish for my career’. Why do you think that?

What happens on television is something comes along, and then everyone decides to make something in that genre. I had a great time years ago with Clocking Off and then there was a glut of Manchester dramas: Cold Feet, Cutting It and so on. Now we are having what’s known as the Downton Effect where it came along and scored ten million viewers and there’s a whole host of period dramas now, and they are beautiful and great to watch, but I have a contemporary face – that’s how I like to put it – and there weren’t that many mixed race people within those stories. So for me, it’s meant that summer was quite quiet because that’s what was getting made. It’s unlucky. I made a killing when the Manchester revolution happened, but this period bit isn’t doing me any favours. Apart from giving me something really ace to watch when I’m at home!

You took part in the Celebrity Bake Off earlier this year…

I really enjoyed the experience, but the celebrity one is far easier than the normal series. It was tense because you want to do well, but the people on the actual series want to make careers out of it. And I wouldn’t have a clue where to start with what they’re asked to do! It really captured the public’s imagination, and there’s no magic formula. Who would have known that making cakes would get so many viewers?

Do you manage to stay in touch with former castmates?

Lisa Faulkner and Nicola Stephenson are my bestest friends in the entire world and we live very close to each other. Sarah Parish and Amanda Holden are spread out a little bit more, but we try to get together once a month. We did just have a glut where we saw each other nearly every single weekend. I love my girly nights out. But I love a night out with my husband too. My ideal night out would be going for dinner, some cocktails, and then if I can drag enough people along, dancing. I just love dancing.

Have you ever thought of doing Strictly Come Dancing then?

I’d love to, but it’s such a massive commitment. It’s not just the Saturday night shows – you’ve got to put a lot of time in rehearsing and you’ve got to be able to turn down work for six months.


Angela Griffin is the official ambassador for this year’s Fairy Make-A-Wish partnership, supporting their campaign to make more wishes come true for children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions. Show your support by buying special packs of Fairy or clicking ‘Like’ at

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