Alison Hammond on the This Morning sofaTV presenter Alison Hammond, 37, rose to fame on Big Brother in 2002. Since then she’s appeared on a host of reality shows before landing her dream job on ITV’s This Morning. She lives in Birmingham with her seven-year-old son Aidan.

What’s the best thing about your job on This Morning?

I love the fact that no two days are the same. I get lots of different things to do and I get to travel abroad. My favourite thing is the fact that I never know what’s coming next. I haven’t got a clue! And everyone gets on well on the show, they’re all so special and unique.

Who’s been your most memorable interviewee?

Definitely Hugh Jackman – I absolutely love him. The last time I interviewed him, he sang ‘Save the best ‘til last’ as I came through the door – it wasn’t on camera, it was just our personal moment. Imagine Hugh Jackman singing in your face! It’s my happy place.

Is he the sexiest celeb you’ve interviewed?

He’s up there – I’ve interviewed quite a few sexy guys! I’ve been very blessed. Will Smith is definitely up there, and Matt Damon…and I’ve got the National Television Awards coming up, so there will be a load of hotties there too!

Which celeb has surprised you the most?

Renée Zellweger was very down-to-earth. She was filming Bridget Jones when I first met her, and I was pregnant with my son at the time. The next time I saw her, she asked me about my baby and how it had all gone. It’s very touching when someone remembers details about you. She’s just a nice, genuine person.

Did you have TV hopes when you were younger?

I did, actually. When I was a kid my mum enrolled me in a television workshop for kids aged 11-16. She wanted to get me doing something like that so I wasn’t out on the streets. I did three auditions and got in. A lot of TV parts came from that, like Palace Hill and Boone, so I was more into acting at first. I never, ever dreamt of being a presenter.

What are your hopes for your career this year?

I’m thinking of doing some comedy writing, because I think I’m quite funny. I’ve come up with some really good ideas but I need a bit of help putting it all together. It would be really good fun. Someone that’s inspired me is Miranda Hart. I’d love to do a comedy sitcom or something like that.

Would you ever do another reality show?

I’d love to go on Strictly. I absolutely love it, I really enjoyed watching it this year. I keep putting it out there and they’re not getting the hint! I don’t think it’s going to happen.

How did going on Big Brother change things for you?

It definitely changed my life. I made some lovely friends on Big Brother and it changed my career path. I’m very grateful for that, as I love what I’m doing at the moment. I don’t think it’s changed me as a person, though. I’ve got the same life as I did before, I’ve just got another life on the side, which is good fun too!

Do you have any ambitions for the future?

It sounds corny, but I just want to be a good mum for my son. I’m quite busy these days so I can’t be with him all the time. I want him to grow up and say, ‘My mum was really, really amazing.’ I’d like him to be proud of me – that would be a big achievement. I’d be devastated if one day he said, ‘My mum wasn’t there for me.’ Apart from that I love my job, so I’d like to just keep ticking on really. I only work two or three days a week, which suits me quite well. I’ve got the best of both worlds – I feel very lucky.

Catch Alison on This Morning on ITV1, weekdays from 10:30am.

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