Fears are growing for the Queen’s safety after a series of break-ins at Buckingham Palace. 


Over the last three months there have been three separate incidents, leading people to question the security at the palace.

A drunk was arrested earlier this week trying to break in to the royal residence, raising concern for the safety of the royals. Before that, a  murderer was caught in the grounds of the palace in May. Soon after another man, John Bolton, was apprehended outside the palace carrying knives and a garrotte wire.

Known to security services for being obsessed with the Queen,  Bolton is now worryingly on the run. These lapses in security have raised concerns about the protection of the 90-year-old monarch.

Queen's safety

Royal policing experts have praised the officers who apprehended each of the intruders. However, many are calling for a review of the Queen’s safety and security. 

Former head of royal protection Dai Davies explained why the royals are at more risk now than ever before.  “As the Met Commissioner said last week, it’s not a question of if a terror attack will happen, but when.” The security expert went on to state, “the Queen and the Royal Family are high-risk targets as they are national symbols.”

Another expert in the security of Britain’s most famous family, Princess Diana’s former bodyguard also has concerns. Bodyguard Ken Wharfe said, “This is serious and will mean another security review.”


With Kate and Prince William safely tucked away in Norfolk with their two young children, all eyes are now on the Queen’s guards to protect the perimeter around Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace.

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