Mary Berry's £3 million former home is added to our list of fabulous celebrity houses...

Ever wondered what the celebrity houses of some of your favourite stars look like?

Well we’ve got the key to some of the most extravagant and expensive pads owned by some of the world’s biggest stars, from Jennifer Lopez to Leonardo DiCaprio!

These aren’t your average homes. Forget your trusty Ikea bookcase, these celebs have huge custom built entertainment systems; those oh so classy paper pendant lampshades (you know the ones we mean) have been replaced with dramatic crystal chandeliers; and forget views of your neighbour’s garden shed. These celebrities get to look out on rolling hills and crystal blue sea. Mmm.

Warning: these pictures will make you green with envy

Would you fancy a New York apartment overlooking the city skyline, like Britney Spears? Perhaps you’d prefer to make like Adele with a Malibu beach house with sea views? Or does Leonardo Dicaprio’s cool sprawling Hollywood home seem the most appealing to you? And closer to home there’s always Mary Berry’s former country pad. Quite honestly, we’d say yes to any of these celebrity homes!

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