Ben Price has been a long-standing star on the soap but his departure is soon approaching. Can he survive the quicksand or will Nick be written out forever?

Ben Price announced that he would be leaving the cobbled streets of Coronation Street back in January.

As Ben’s final scenes are filmed, his emotions suggest his departure could be more permanent than fans had hoped. Pictures have emerged of the actor embracing his co-stars and the cast – perhaps as a final goodbye?

Ben plays Nick Tilsley and has been on the show since 2009. The father-of-two revealed that he was commuting from London to Manchester for the role, but wanted to put his family first.

In January he told the Daily Mirror: “Coronation Street has been the most significant part of my career and I have had a fantastic seven years here.”

He added: “The decision to leave is purely personal, I want to be able to spend more time with my family.”

Wednesday’s episode of Corrie saw Nick fighting for his life as he got stuck in quick stand.

ben price nick-tilsley

Nick has been struggling to deal with Steve McDonald and Peter Barlow’s involvement in Leanne Battersby’s life. The group went to the beach along with Toyah to try and settle their differences. But arguments soon broke out and Nick found himself in a very sticky situation.

ben price

Fans of Corrie have been pouring their support for Ben on Twitter. They hope that his departure will not be permanent.

One fan said: “DO NOT want Nick to leave THE STREET”.

Another added: “Really don’t want Nick to leave never mind die, I truly understand and respect Ben’s reason for leaving. Hope Corrie leave the door open”.

Viewers have been thoroughly enjoying the story line with one stating: “Ooooo can’t wait it’s hotting up, @ITV have got the best soaps on tv at the moment #Bethany #Corrie #nick”.

The popularity of these storylines could place Coronation Street in a strong position for The British Soap Awards 2017, which kicks off this weekend.

So, will Nick will survive the quicksand drama? And could Ben rejoin the soap at a later date? We’ll have to tune in to find out what happens next!