Ed Balls, full name Edward Michael Balls, is an ex-Labour MP. The former shadow chancellor has turned into a toe-tapping star of Strictly Come Dancing.

The father-of-three was probably best known for this viral twitter gaffe before he signed up for the popular BBC show:

However, now that he’s taken to the dance floor, there’s no turning back! From the standing ovation he received for his energetic Charleston, to his reincarnation of “The Mask” during ‘movie week’, the MP has really shown he can move!

ed balls strictly

Whether you’ve fallen for his bravery and charm, or you’re still tempted to turn over when he takes to the dance floor, here are seven things you never knew about Ed Balls…

1. Did you know that Ed Balls’ Strictly training is not the first time he’s taken to the dance floor and impressed onlookers? Take a look at this…

2. …and while his ‘Gangnam Style’ may leave little to be desired, he also tried his hand at line-dancing whilst on the campaign trail:

3. Ed first became a Labour party member at just 16 years old

4. Ed Balls and his wife Yvette Cooper then became the first married couple to work together in the British cabinet. They’ve been married for nearly 20 years – so they’ve proved they can work together!

5. As well as being a determined ballroom dancer, Ed is also a dab hand in the kitchen! He cooks Christmas dinner for his entire family every year without fail. He showed off his cooking skills on the charity Great Sport Relief Bake Off version of the baking show.


Afterwards, he got more than a seal of approval from viewers all over the UK! People took to social media to declare their love for the MP after seeing him on the show. “Ed Balls has cemented his place in my heart tonight. My winner” one fan said.

6. Ed’s rumoured favourite song is ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ by Elvis Presley. Perhaps we’ll hear that as one of the soundtracks to his Strictly routines?!

7. To add to his list of eclectic talents, Ed Balls also plays the drums! Finally, the wannabe rocker showed off his skills on a visit to Cornwall. Here he is rocking out with his ‘pen-pal’, Davi:

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