Duncan James speaks about his relationship with Lee RyanDuncan James has broken his silence on claims that he has had intimate relations with his Blue band mate and Celebrity Big Brother star Lee Ryan.

As viewers of Big Brother will know Lee recently hinted that the pair, who also live with each other, had slept together but Duncan was quick to put those rumours to bed (pun intended) when he appeared on Loose Women yesterday.

‘That would be like incest, really, it wouldn’t be right,’ Duncan, who is openly bisexual, admitted.

He continued, ‘We have slept in the same bed together and we do live together, holiday together and work together, so I guess in the outside world people would be like, ‘What’s going on with them two?!”

The singer also revealed that some of Lee’s behaviour in the house could be down to the fact he’s always been babied by the group, despite being 30. ‘I think as he’s gotten older he’s kind of relied on us to be there so when he’s on his own and we’re not there he can get into trouble,’ he joked.