She was famously called the “third person” in the marriage between Diana and Prince Charles, and her relationship with the future king has come under much scrutiny and received much critisicm over the years. But, as she prepares to turn 70 this month, are people finally forgiving Camilla, and seeing her in a new light?

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The Duchess of Cornwall has now been married to Prince Charles for over 12 years. Described as “gentle and honest,” by her friends, famous author Jilly Cooper has previously described the relationship between the Duchess and Prince Charles as a good match.

“They have a terrific sense of humor,” says Cooper. “They laugh a huge amount. I just think they’re people who love each and are good for each other.”

Now, another unlikely source has come forward to show their support for the Duchess of Cornwall, a member of the royal family they count as a close friend and describe as “disrespected”.

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Strictly Come Dancing judge Criag Revel Horwood has known Camilla for many years and describes her as a “great friend.”

He told the Radio Times “I’m best friends with all the posh ones in the Palace. I’m going to Camilla’s 70th birthday party soon and I can’t wait. She’s so lovable. She’s been really disrespected.”

duchess of cornwall strictly come dancing

The Duchess of Cornwall strictly come dancing with Craig Revel Horwood

“She’s a great friend and I love going to her parties. I should have her at a party here, to see my fake sheep. I think she’d fall about laughing. She really is lovely. There’s not a bad bone in her body.”

Controversially, the Strictly star also describes Camilla as the, “only person who has given love, affection and honesty to her husband.” A snub towards the late Princess Diana, who was married to Prince Charles for nearly 15 years.

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“She’s just a woman who fell in love, and is the only person who has given love, affection and honesty to her husband” Revel Horwood told the Radio Times.

Prince Charles married Camilla in 2005. At the age of 57, she took on the duties that came with becoming a member of the royal family and public life. Since then, she has quietly and carefully supported Prince Charles in his offical duties, as well as carrying out her own. The Duchess of Cornwall is now patron of more than 90 charities and organizations.