Rob James-Collier as Thomas in Downton AbbeyTonight sees the final episode in the current series of Downton Abbey hit our screens, and the consequences of last week’s midnight kiss are set to be one of the big events of the concluding episode.

‘Walking round kissing people while they’re asleep, that’s illegal!’ jokes Rob James-Collier who plays evil footman Thomas. ‘Even if it was Jessica Alba kissing me while I was asleep, I’d be cross. I’d tell her, “Hey, I was having a really nice dream back there.”’

Having become one of our favourite characters early in the first series as we saw him scheme with O’Brien, Thomas has since disappeared into the background. But this juicy storyline puts him – and his personal life – in the spotlight at the Abbey. ‘It was a great scene to play,’ says Rob.

‘You saw a guy completely bamboozled by O’Brien, because he wanted it to be true so much. You saw that really sensitive, naive side of Thomas, really. And if you’re going to kiss a man, let it be a beautiful man like Ed Speleers [who plays Jimmy]!’

Downton Abbey is on ITV1 tonight at 9pm.

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