The presenter's comment came as a complete shock!

This Morning viewers are used to seeing a shock real-life story or two when they tune into the daytime TV show. But the latest offering would have left them completely speechless.

That’s because it featured no less than presenter Holly Willoughby herself! As a segment interviewing a woman whose husband had cheated on her rolled, the 35-year-old looked on empathetically.


The person in question explained that her spouse had cheated on her with another man. And she was alerted to the fact, after becoming suspicious of his late nights and erratic behaviour.

“I was a Samaritan at the time and I was talking to a number of people in his position. And the more they were telling me the more I suddenly realised this was happening in my own home,” the woman explained.

Something clicks for Holly Willoughby

holly willoughby

Responding to the woman’s plight, Holly said: “Sounds like my life”. Viewers were quick to jump on Holly’s comment, with many making the connection to it and the star’s personal life.

One fan wrote on Facebook: “Did she say ‘sounds like my life’!? Hopefully she’s talking about the past and not present!”

Another added: “No man in there right mind would cheat on her. They would be mad.”

However, a source close to the married mum-of-three insisted that she was only completing the woman’s sentence, rather then identifying with the story herself.

Speaking to the MailOnline, they said: “She’s saying it from the woman’s point of view (when she was listening to the Samaritan calls thinking ‘this is my life’) for the guest. NOT Holly herself!”