Such an amazing way to honour her!

August 31st 2017 marks the 20 year anniversary of death of Diana Princess of Wales. Diana’s sons Princes William and Harry are among those preparing amazing tributes to honour the life of ‘The People’s Princess’.

Now, in a heartfelt move to bring Diana’s memory to life, gardeners for the late Princess of Wales will fill her memorial garden with her favourite flowers.

diana princes of wales

The White Garden – now open at the Princess’s former Kensington Palace home – has been planted with flowers and foliage that reflect her life and style. This includes forget-me-nots – her favourite flower.

Gardeners have asked family and friends for their thoughts on Diana’s favoured blooms. Diana’s brother Earl Spencer recalled giving his sister forget-me-nots as a child.

diana princess of wales

Graham Dillamore – who was head gardener of Kensington Palace’s memorial garden from 1984 to 1992 – reflected on his happy memories of the princess. He said:

“She was incredibly flattering and complimentary about the work that we did.

“I think she appreciated the hard work we put in, she was more worried about us out in the cold and asking are we wrapped up.

“She loved the colours and the brightness [of the garden]…She would ask how we came about picking the colours and getting the colour scheme so we would discuss that.”

And while Diana confessed to being far from green fingered, he went on to reveal that she could put her foot down about flower choices. He added:

“She never confessed to being a fantastic gardener, but there were certain colours she liked in the garden – soft pinks, whites, yellow, pastel shades. She used to turn her nose up if I ever put red or deep purple flowers.”

Diana Princess of Wales – humour and honesty

He also opened up about a lighter side to Diana Princess of Wales, describing her as a “practical joker”.

“I liked her sense of humour she was a very good practical joker.

“She would sneak up behind you and pretend to be a member of the public.

“Once we were struggling to start a lawn mower had broken down and we were just about to give up and she tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘maybe if you speak to it nicely it will work'”.

On the flip the palace’s current head gardener Sean Harkin described the princess’s attention to detail. Something that played in a key part on the garden’s design.

He said:

“Diana would have a bit of a chat with the gardeners. She would have an eye for detail. One gardener would wear quite colourful socks and she would comment on whether the socks matched the garden.

“I wanted to create something that was very simple and elegant and I used the dresses in the exhibition for inspiration – the white has a theme of radiance and glowing. Though it’s a white garden there are colours too – deep pinks and purple.

“In addition to using the dresses as inspiration we did some research into Princess Diana’s favourite flowers. The theme is that feeling of joyful celebration so we have included accents colours.”

A visit to The White Garden is free to the public.