Denise Welch on Stepping OutLoose Women star Denise Welch has opened up about her time on ITV’s Stepping Out and it doesn’t sound like she was impressed by her time on the show.

Denise, who was voted out of the show alongside husband Lincoln Townley last night, has revealed to her fellow Loose Ladies that the pair were shocked after a last minute change to the shows format.

According to Denise the show was originally meant to take on a reality show format following the couples in their homes with an act being voted off each week by the audience however, a change in format saw the introduction of a judging panel.

Denise, 55, blasted: ‘To be honest it’s a bit embarrassing when you stand there and people tell you how rubbish you are. The show started as more of a reality show where you get to know the partner, Lincoln didn’t know he was going to be the only one who had never really been on the TV before. Let me tell you I would not have put myself through sitting in front of a judging panel with Jason Gardner, he was 50% of the vote, my nemesis.’

She added: ‘There wasn’t going to be a judging panel and it was just going to be an audience vote but the spec changed so it became a dance competition. When the show evolved into a competition it became less fun as that wasn’t what we signed up for.’

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