Dawn FrenchWe think she looks fabulous whatever her size, but Dawn French was surprised by the reaction to her weight loss earlier this year.

But as some critics have cruelly pointed out that she’s gained some weight since she stepped out at her thinnest, Dawn admits she doesn’t care!

‘When you lose a lot of weight very quickly, of course you’re going to put some of it back on,’ she explains. ‘I think I’ve put about two, two and a half stones back on. But it’s never bothered me either way.’

Dawn has been busy on the publicity trail for her new book, Oh Dear Silvia, about a coma patient in hospital.

While she was writing, Dawn’s mum Roma sadly died. ‘I knew the story of the book before my mum became ill, but when she went into hospital it really informed a lot of what’s in the book.

‘I abandoned the writing when my mum was sick, but she turned to me as said, “Why aren’t you writing? You’re writing this stuff.”

‘I wouldn’t have wished for my mum to die to write this book, but on the other hand, I wrote it with complete truth and honesty.’