Davina's husband bans her from gamblingShe might be the host of The Million Pound Drop but Davina McCall has revealed that her husband has enforced a gambling ban on her.

Davina, who will present new show Five Minutes to a Fortune on Channel 4 tonight, admitted that her husband of 13 years, Matthew, put a stop to her ever taking up gambling after a trip to a casino together on their honeymoon.

Davina, 45, revealed, ‘When we were on our honeymoon, my husband Matthew suggested a night in a casino. 

Now Matthew’s the kind of guy who would get ten £5 chips, play ten games and then leave. I, on the other hand, insisted we put them all on red.


The TV presenter spoke of her ‘addictive personality’ before adding, ‘It didn’t take long for Matthew to realise he needed to get me out of there! So that is why I must never step into a casino again.’

Looks like anyone hoping to see Davina taking part in one of her own shows might have a long wait on their hands…

Five Minutes to a Fortune starts tonight on Channel 4 at 5.10pm.