Davina McCall Candy Crush

Davina McCall has opened up about her love of Candy Crush revealing that she became so hooked on the app that she was forced to delete it.

‘My life got dark,’ the TV presenter, 46, revealed. ‘I stopped answering my phone when people called. I started off thinking, ‘What’s the big deal?’ And then it told me I couldn’t play for 20 minutes unless I paid 69p. One round of lives became two, and that became three.’

And the obsession didn’t stop there for Davina, who battled a drug addition in her twenties. ‘I found myself sitting in a bath in a hotel in Manchester and I was freezing, but I couldn’t get out because it meant I’d have to stop. I was staying up until one in the morning when I knew I had to get up early… I was hiding it from people as well. That was old behaviour and it had to go.’

Glad to hear you kicked the habit Davina!