Darcey BussellWe’re loving the glamorous Darcey Bussell we’re seeing on Strictly Come Dancing every weekend – gorgeous dresses, stunning  jewellery and elegant up-dos.  But what we really want to know is how the former ballerina, 43, gets such flawless skin.

‘By the time I reached 40, I noticed my skin was showing signs of ageing. I don’t want to stop time, but I’d like a little help to ensure I grow old gracefully,’ she says.

‘To ensure my skin looks healthy I have facials with Nichola Joss at the Sanctuary Spa and every morning I fully cleanse and follow with Sanctuary Leave-On Exfoliating Cream (£14, Boots) which exfoliates my skin throughout the day.

‘I then apply Sanctuary Power Peptide Serum (£25) followed by Sanctuary Peptide Protect Day Cream SPF20 (£20), to hydrate and protect my skin.

‘Sanctuary Power Peptide Serum (£25) and Lipid Recovery Facial Oil (£22) are my two skincare essentials. I get quite dehydrated so I use the Facial Oil at night as it moisturises my skin, leaving it feeling fresh in the morning when I wake up. And I use the serum daily to keep my skin hydrated and healthy looking.

‘After growing up in the theatre I enjoy not having to wear makeup. The only time that I will wear full make up is in the evenings, but I do try to apply mascara daily.

‘I’ve noticed that the products really work. Since using Active Reverse my skin looks brighter, smoother and younger.

To find out more about Darcey, click here: https://www.womansown.co.uk/?p=1583