Sneak peek at new episode of The VoiceIt’s the grand final tonight, but that hasn’t stopped  The Voice star Danny O’Donoghue from putting a dampner on proceedings. 

The Irish mentor, 32, hit out at bosses for making him choose between his contestants on last week’s show.

‘The bosses wanted me to say if I would send home Karl Michael or Andrea Begley if it was up to me to decide, but I just couldn’t do it,’ he said. ‘I couldn’t let either of them down. There is a format to follow but we all have morals. And every single one of the coaches does what we want.’

Danny also insisted that he will only return to the third series of the flagging talent contest if ALL four of his fellow judges come along too, despite fans claiming Jessie J is ‘unpopular’ and Sir Tom Jones looks ‘bored’.

At least gets the seal of approval!