After accepting his girlfriend of 20 years proposal on Valentine’s Day this year, we thought that Joanne Mas and Danny Dyer had finally found their happy ending. The Eastenders actor said that he was putting his cheating ways and many years of infidelity behind him. Which leads us on to this…


However old habits seem to die hard for the 37 year old dad-of-three, who was spotted locking lips with an enthusiastic blonde this week. It happened at a party in a seaside hotel after the cast had finished filming the episode where Danny’s character Mick Carter buries his on-screen father’s ashes in Ramsgate.

Danny Dyer has confessed to cheating on Joanne Mas multiple times in the past, but swore that his two timing ways were now in the past, insisting, “I thought the grass was greener, but the grass was horrible. I don’t want to go there again.”

Joanne has always stuck by her partner, despite his infidelity, and has been quoted saying, “Danny has never not loved his kids. He has never not loved me.”


The TV star was quick to deny that he has cheated on his fiancée again this time, and the thrilled fan pictured kissing Danny has also told The Sun, “’We had a quick kiss for the camera, but nothing happened. I wasn’t just with him, the whole EastEnders crew were there.”

What do you think? Has Danny Dyer slipped up again or is this just an unfortunate photo?


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