Danni Minogue admits she wants more childrenDannii Minogue has revealed that she’s feeling a bit broody and would consider having another baby. 

Dannii, 41, gave birth to her son Ethan in 2010 and says that now he’s turned two and is interacting with her she’s feeling a tad broody.

She said: ‘I get really clucky when I’m around babies. It would be a massive change to go back to the sleepless nights and all of that but, now I know what to do, I want to do it all again. I don’t know if it’s a chemical release in your body, but when they get to two and start talking to you… It’s so cute and you want another one.’

The Britain’s Next Top Model presenter also told how having a baby when she turned 40 gave her a sense of relief. Dannii said: ‘When I turned 40, the thing that made me feel buoyant was the fact I had a baby. I didn’t think I would ever have a baby. I never had that ticking clock, so I was like: ‘WOW!’ I see some of my girlfriends now who are over 40 and haven’t got kids, and they’re really starting to panic. I think I would have been, too, by now.’


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