Daniel Craig as James Bond in SkyfallJust like the men before him, Daniel Craig’s 007 oozes sex appeal. But he has to work at it!

Speaking to our columnist Lorraine Kelly on her show on ITV1 this morning, he revealed, ‘There’s stuff in the script that says I have to take my shirt off so vanity kicks in and I work out. But also I’m running most of the time during this film – he doesn’t really just walk into a room and sit down, he tends to jump through the window and sit down, so I had to stay in shape.’

Daniel also told Lorraine about the pressure of celebrating James Bond’s 50th anniversary. ‘We didn’t think about it while we were filming, we just sort of got on with it, but it is always there. I’m just very happy and proud that it came out the way it did though.’


And with producers claiming Dame Judi Dench could win Bond’s first Oscar for her portrayal of M in new film Skyfall, which premiered on Tuesday evening, we’re sure it could be the best Bond yet!

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