Film to be made about Katie PriceReality star Katie Price is apparently in talks to have her life story turned into a film.

According to sources a US publishing company are keen to take the former glamour model’s five autobiographies and turn them into a big screen hit.

‘Katie’s been through a hell of a lot in her thirty six years, but she was clever to document it all down in her books. They’re always great sellers and now they can form the basis for a film of her life,’ a source revealed.

‘The publishers think there will be a great appetite to watch a dramatisation of Katie’s crazy life and they’re so keen to get her on board, they’re talking about a hefty pay cheque to go with it,’ they added.

And if rumours are to be believed Katie is keen to get US star Carmen Electra on board to play her.

‘Katie has always admired Carmen Electra and thinks they’re very similar in many ways,’ the source claimed.

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