Coleen and Wayne Rooney at GlastonburyWayne and Coleen Rooney reportedly splashed out over £15,000 during their trip to Glastonbury festival over the weekend. 

But rather than dining on gourmet food and posh booze like the other A-list guests the pair, both 27, ordered a £2,000 online delivery from Tesco including necessary festival treats such as Pot Noodles and vodka.

An insider revealed: ‘The order was placed by Coleen to be there before they arrived. The Tesco van delivered a bit of food to Ellie Goulding, but the majority was for the Rooneys. They’re obviously not focused on nutrition this weekend.’

Wayne and Coleen, who gave birth to their second child Klay in May, also splashed out £15,000 for three huge Winnebagos for them and friends to stay in while they enjoyed headline performances from The Rolling Stones and Mumford & Sons.

We’re glad to see fame hasn’t changed their tastes in fast food!