Caring for an elderly parent or relative is something a lot of us know only too well – and it seems that Loose Women star Coleen Nolan is one person who is all too aware of the pain and heartache it can cause.

Coleen’s mother Maureen suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, and sadly passed away back in 2008. But Coleen has now spoken about the heartbreak of putting her into a care home prior to her death, and how difficult a decision it was for her and her family.

Speaking on Wednesday’s episode of Loose Women, the 52-year-old, who has six other siblings, said, “It was the most heartbreaking decision for us and we took a lot of advice from professional healthcare people, who said, ‘Your mum needs 24-hour care – and none of you are equipped to do that’.”

She continued to explain how awful it was to make the call to put her mother in a home, and how helpless it left her and her siblings feeling.

She said, “We did put her in a home – and it was awful because the majority of people are lovely and you’re doing the right thing… but you also had people going, ‘What? She’s got eight kids and none of you can look after her?’

Coleen also spoke about the financial strain of caring for a sick parent, explaining, “And we did have a problem with the money situation… we didn’t have any money, it ran out – and there was so much on top of all the stress, this beautiful person you’ve loved all your life turning into somebody that just doesn’t know you anymore.”

Speaking previously about her mother’s illness before she passed away, Coleen admitted to the Daily Express, “Her mind has deteriorated so much that she is barely recognisable as the woman I grew up adoring. I can’t stand to see her like this, she has no quality of life.”

Sadly, Coleen isn’t the only Loose Women panellist who has suffered from the heartwrenching loss of a parent to dementia. Birds of a Feather actress Linda Robson has also spoken about the pain of losing her mother to the disease in 2013, saying, “Watching our parent, our mum who’s brought us up and looked after us turn into a child – it was very hard,”.

Ruth Langsford and Kaye Adams have also been through the heartache of losing a parent to dementia, with Ruth losing her dad Dennis back in 2012, and Kaye losing her father in 2016.

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