Claudia Winkleman for CadburyShe sometimes looks like she’s been dipped in chocolate with her dark brown hair, kohled eyes and everlasting tan. 

But Claudia Winkleman has confessed that she’s a true fan of the tasty treat.

While promoting Cadbury’s newest initiative to find an Honorary Taster, Claudia revealed she thought the role is ‘perhaps the best job on Planet Earth ever!

‘I’d love nothing better than my body being completely covered in chocolate,’ she added. ‘Not in a dirty way, of course!’

Claudia was joined by Brian Blessed to challenge the nation to come up with a new word to define the taste of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, which will be tweeted to a new machine called the Great Chocolate Mixionary, which will ‘print’ the word in chocolate.

To enter your word and have a chance to become the company’s new chocolate taster, go to or tweet it to @DairyMilk with the hashtag #JoyvilleTaster before 1 April.

You can see The Great Chocolate Mixionary at Cadbury World, Bournville, until 1 March.