Cheryl Cole, 29, is no stranger to inkings – she has a band around her thigh, ‘Mrs C’ on her neck and designs on her hand and lower back – but we were surprised to see her latest addition. Well, you can’t really miss it. 

The Girls Aloud star debuted her large rose tattoo on the Newcastle leg of the band’s tour. Experts believe the body art could have taken around 10 hours to complete over 2-3 sittings – not to mention a serious amount of pain.

Cheryl spoke a couple of years ago about her love of body art. ‘If it was up to me – and I could be brave for one day – I would have my whole back done. My friends say “Cheryl, please, you might regret it” – but to me, it’s art.’

What do you make of Cheryl’s new tattoo?