He may be the future King, but Prince William still has all of the same parenting struggles as we do!

In a TV interview on the Vietnamese talk show Talk Vietnam last week, Prince William admitted that cheeky Prince George keeps him on his toes. Meanwhile, the Prince admitted he’s still finding his feet as a parent when it comes to raising his daughter Princess Charlotte.

Day 6 – Victoria

After losing his mother, Princess Diana, at such a young age, and being brought up with his brother Prince Harry, William confessed that he’s still got a lot to learn about having a little girl in the family!


“Bear in mind I haven’t had a sister. So having a daughter is a very different dynamic. So I’m learning about having a daughter, having a girl in the family,” said William.

However, Prince William also revealed that Princess Charlotte is certainly making it easy for him – at least for now!

“Charlotte is very easy, very sweet, but all the fathers say, ‘Just you wait — when you get to nine, 10, 11, they go crazy.”

William doesn’t seem phased by that warning though. The Prince gleefully confided, “I’m looking forward to it; there will be some drama.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte depart from Victoria Harbour Airport in Victoria, Canada, on the eighth day of the Royal Tour to Canada.

Doting husband William also admitted that he couldn’t do it without the Duchess of Cambridge. William said he’s “very lucky” in the support he has from his wife Kate.

Prince William and Kate raise their two children together at their secluded country estate, Anmer Hall, in rural Norfolk. Although the children have a nanny, they are very hands on parents, with Kate cooking all the family meals. (Even if Prince William has made digs in the past about her cooking!) [READ MORE HERE]


While Kate has revealed that Charlotte is a super chatty toddler who adores her big brother, Prince William revealed that Prince George is much more of a handful!

“George is a right little rascal sometimes,” said William. “He keeps me on my toes. But he’s a sweet boy.”

It seems that Prince George is also enjoying having his little sister around as a playmate now she’s older! Although Prince William admits that the energetic and boisterous three-year-old needs to be careful with his one-year-old sibling.

“No broken bones so far but they’re trying — running around and pushing things and jumping. Please tell me it gets easier!”


Prince William went on to reveal that he’s struggled individually with the massive change that happens after you become a parent.

“As the other parents in the room will testify, there are wonderful highs and wonderful lows. No, it’s been quite a change for me personally,” Prince William said.

“I’ve struggled at times. The alteration from being a single independent man to going into marriage and then having children is life-changing,” he continued.

prince william and kate with george and charlotte

“I adore my children very much and I’ve learned a lot about myself and about family just from having my own children. It’s amazing how much you pick up from them just in those moments.”

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