These celebrity twins are taking on the world, two steps at a time!

How many celebrity twins can you name off the top of your head? 1… 2… 3 at a push? Quite difficult, isn’t it! 

Sure, there are some high-profile celeb twins, such as teen stars Mary Kate and Ashley and Good Charlotte rockers Benji and Joel Madden, but other than that, we’re finding it tough to name many…

Well, it turns out, there are actually tons of twins in celebville – but it’s only the sibling in the limelight that we ever hear anything about. And, even though they share the same DNA, some of these twin pairings couldn’t be more different. From politics to production, the other halves of these superstar celebrities have a range of professions and often choose to lead a more private life.


These celeb twins don’t always see eye to eye, either. Take Olly Murs and Ben Murs, who (sob!) are embroiled in an ongoing family feud. Others have successfully collaborated on projects together, like Gisele and Patricia Bundchen on the supermodel’s famous underwear line. Must be something to do with those twin superpowers!

So often in the public eye, it’s easy to forget that celebs have private lives too. But seeing these celeb twins hang out with their brother or sister reminds us that they’re not too dissimilar to us after all, with plenty of brotherly love, sisterly bonds and sibling squabbles featuring in this round up.

We’ve found a a selection of some of the most unexpected celebrity twins for your scrolling pleasure. Enjoy!