Whether there's a family resemblance, or these relatives have become famous in their own right, see how many of these celebrity siblings you can guess...

These celebrity siblings might not always be in the limelight, but they’ve always got their famous sibling’s back!

Far from the bickering kids they were growing up, these celebs know how to share the limelight with their siblings – and their success! Some of these celebrity siblings have even gone on to work together. Whether it be on the same TV show, co-writing a book together, or becoming business partners!

In fact in seems that one usually compliment the other. That’s what we call a true sibling bond. Whoever said things had to be catty in Hollywood obviously hadn’t met these dynamic sibling duos? But despite their similarities these celeb siblings can often be worlds apart in terms of their looks. In fact, if they weren’t hitting the red carpet side by side you’d struggle to put them together.

But how many of these celebrity siblings can you recognise? And were you right the first time round? Don’t worry we had to do a double-take ourselves, so if you fail the first time just try again!

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