When it comes to making the transition from D-list to A-list the right name can make all the difference between Hollywood and just plain humdrum.

So it’s no surprise that aspiring actors, actresses, singers and more are willing to trade in their everyday names for something that screams LA in order to hit the big time.

And it seems there could be a little science involved in name fame game, with some celebs even turning to naming experts such as the late Laurence Y Payg – of Agyness Deyn fame – to ensure that each character counts.

In the name of fame

Yep a name may just be a collection of letters to some but to those who walk the streets of Tinseltown, it’s is pretty much EVERYTHING. Does the name Reggie Dwight ring a bell? Hmmm didn’t think so. How about Elton John? Well for those in the know these people are one in the same!

If first impressions really do count, then surely the right name is the best way for an A-lister to put the best sparkly foot forward.

We’ve rounded up a selection of celebrities real names for your scrolling pleasure. Prepare yourself for more than a few ooohs and aaghs!