Carol Vorderman's new hairstyleThe Loose Women panellist is always groomed to perfection, but here Carol Vorderman tells Woman’s Own how she stays looking so good.

– I don’t have the time for regular beauty treatments. I’m very lazy on that sort of stuff. But I’ve started using Guinot products, I really like them.

– I don’t think I’d ever have cosmetic surgery, but who knows what I’ll think in 15 years’ time? I know a lot of people who’ve had facelifts and look fantastic and they say the key is to have it done before you need it!

– I chop and change my make up depending on the time of the year, but I like Bobbi Brown, Chanel and Mac products.

– I have a 24 inch waist once I’ve done my detox. I go hardcore every January. But it’s a health thing too. It gives me huge amounts of energy and I really notice the difference.