Call the Midwife has been commissioned for a further three Series, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Series 7 kicks off with a Christmas Special at the end of the year, and more drama is in store for the nuns and midwives of Poplar. Here’s what we know so far about the return of the feel good drama.

call the midwife cast

The Call the Midwife cast is as close as ever!

Dr Turner actor Stephen McGann posted a series of Tweets which saw the cast come together to prep for the Christmas special, which is set to begin filming soon. And it looks like the cast’s chemistry is also present off-screen as he posed for snaps with his on-screen wife Shelagh Turner (played by Laura Main).


And it’s also fab to see the return of Daniel Laurie, who stole hearts as Reggie, a young man with Down’s Syndrome and son of Fred’s late cousin Ivy (Birds of a Feather’s Kate Williams).

The show is getting its first black nurse!

Read all the details about Poplar’s latest addition right here. We wonder what twists and turns will be in store for their sting on the show? We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a love story!

It’s set to be REALLY cold outside for the Christmas Special!

call the midwife series 7

There was a light smattering of snow for the Series 6 finale, but producers are turning things up a notch in 2017. This time we’re taken through Britain’s coldest winter on record – The Big Freeze of 1962-3!

Call the Midwife Series 7 – and that’s not all…

Sergeant Noakes won’t be returning…

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Ben Caplan announced that he will be waving goodbye to the Series for now to pursue other roles! But in brighter news he did hint of a possible return for both his character and his on-screen wife Chummy! We would LOVE to see this happen.

…however we can still expect some great storylines from some of our old favourite characters!

In a recent interview, the actors from Call the Midwife discussed how their characters have evolved throughout the show so far, and hinted about what might be in store for them in the next series!

Call the Midwife Series 7 whats coming up

Cliff Parisi, who plays Fred in the show, revealed that Fred’s role within the Nonnatus community is changing. For example, he’ll become more of a confidant for the midwives.

“Fred’s developed in all different ways, he’s got quite a few different strings to his bow.”

“Now he’s married, he’s also a confidant for some of the nurses and the nuns. He kind of looks after Sister Monica Joan. They’ve built a relationship.”

Cliff Parisi, who plays Fred in Call the midwife

Charlotte Ritchie, who plays Barbara in the show, revealed that we will see a much more confident, and competent, Barbara in the new series.

“She’s beginning to really find her feet and she’s not the newest midwife anymore.”

“Now she’s in a relationship and that’s all new, she’s a lot more confident.”

And, we’ll continue to see Shelagh enjoying marital bliss and her new role as a mother to her adopted daughter.

“Shelagh has now got the things that she wants in life. She’s got the family life, she got to adopt baby Angela which has brought them so much joy as a family” Laura Main who plays Shelagh revealed. “She hasn’t lost her faith.”