Jessica Raine as Jenny Lee in Call The MidwifeIf you thought Jenny and Trixie had a tough time with men in series one of Call The Midwife, brace yourself. From the sounds of it, the new series is going to be just as turbulent!

‘Jenny is slowly opening up to the idea of a man being in her life,’ says Jessica Raine, who plays the troubled midwife.

‘But once again, she gets her fingers burnt by Jimmy, and it gets even more complicated. I sometimes feel sorry for Jenny in the men department!’

And things don’t seem set to improve for Trixie Franklin, either. ‘There’s a love interest; an older man,’ explains actress Helen George.

‘But it doesn’t quite go to plan. She gets her confidence knocked a bit, which is completely irritating and not in her plan whatsoever!’

Call The Midwife is on BBC1 on Sundays at 8pm